Chemical Specialties Ltd, Autochem Ltd. - Quality chemical products for marine, construction and automotive industry.

  • Innovative products of the very highest quality to the New Zealand and Australian Markets.
  • Tailor made products to suit your requirements.
  • Products that work for the long haul.
  • On-time delivery to meet your budget.
  • On-time delivery to meet your production and resale requirements.
  • Great technical support.

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  • synthepol_sml

    Synthepol is one of New Zealand’s major Manufacturers and Suppliers of: Resin, Gelcoat, Flowcoat, Catalyst, Filler/Putties, Reinforcement, and other Ancilliary products to the fibreglass industry, both here and more

  • turbo_sml

    TURBO brand was established in 1981 with a range of automotive fillers and coatings. Later, the well-known BUILDERS BOG brand by TURBO was introduced. It quickly established a new market sector for permanent building-repair fillers. read more

  • newtech_sml

    NEWTECH® REPAIRER is a polyester-based glass-fibre paste and hardener. The paste and hardener are supplied separately, and once mixed it becomes a user-friendly filler which is ideal to repair damaged alloy, metal, masonry, stone, aluminium and fibreglass parts real fast. 

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  • autochem_sml

    Autochem Ltd. was incorporated in New Zealand in the early 1980’s. At that time, the NEWTECH, Autochem brands became market leaders to the panelbeating profession.

    Chemical Specialties Ltd purchased Autochem Ltd. in the early 1990’s and shifted the plant to their Auckland factory.

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