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Subject: Contact form submission: Alan McLean
Message : Hi Chem. Specialties.


I have a problem with rotting corners on my fascia boards. Having scraped out all the rotting wood I have been advised to then treat with an anti fungal solution. Is this necessary when using your Builders Bog ?
Would appreciate your reply


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Hello Alan,
Any active spores in wood surrounding the repair will continue to rot the surrounding material if you do not kill them. Since some antifungals will interfere with the Builder’s Bog curing chemical reaction and the bond to the timber, I advise you to scrape, chilsel, or cut out all softened wood back to sound timber, then perform the fill with Builder’s Bog. Then drill some holes above (if a vertical surface) or around the repair, inject (squeeze bottle with spout etc) a water- or glycol-based antifungal solution that will soak into the surrounding timber. Then plug the holes with dowels and smooth over and paint.
This is the only way to be sure you have inactivated further rotting from fungal spore left behind.
I cannot tell you what brands to use since this depends on what your local stores stock, but anything mentioning ethylene glycol and/or boron or borax or boracic acid will work well. Things like Metalex, naphthenates and “wood hardeners” are surface coaters and will not penetrate enough to reach surrounding spores. Plus they cannot be applied before the fill because they will spoil the bond to the timber
I hope this helps.




Stuart Jordan
Managing Director




Hello Stuart,
Many thanks for your reply to my e-mail and on the same day. This was excellent service especially the detailed description on how to repair my problem.
I have always used your product as it is the best on the market.


Once again many thanks,


Alan McLean.

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