Scott Bader Resins

Crystic RTR 4000PA

Rapid Tooling Resin – 40 min geltime


Crystic RTR 4000PA is a new, improved rapid tooling resin which incorporates better handling properties, lower viscosity, improved shrinkage control and is catalysed with standard MEKP catalyst.

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Crystic 491 PA (Spray)

ISO Resin


Crystic 491 PA is thixotropic, isophthalic polyester resin with good water and chemical resistant properties.

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Crystic R935

Solid Surface Casting Resin


Crystic 935PA is a pre-accelerated high performance, isophthalic neopentyl glycol unsaturated polyester resin, developed specifically for the casting of Solid Surface products.

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Crystic 3846 BR

Pipe Lining Resin


CRYSTIC D3846PA  is a thixotropic, pre-accelerated, isophtalic unsaturated polyester resin with a low exotherm.

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Crystic 2-446PA

Polyester resin with low styrene emission


CRYSTIC 2-446PA – Pre-accelerated, thixotropic, spray viscosity polyester resin with low styrene emission.


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Crystic PDME 62

Acrylic Back-Up Resin White


CRYSTIC PDME 62 PA – Clear is a preaccelerated, thixotropic unsaturated polyester resin used as a base resin for back up of acrylic sheets.

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Crystic 406COS

Ortho Casting – 5 min geltime


Crystic Resin 406COS is a non thixotropic, non accelerated, orthophthalic unsaturated polyester resin for casting, artificial marble and solid surface applications. It contains UV absorbers allowing a very good resistance to yellowing and to UV radiation.

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Crystic 272E

Iso Resin – 25 min geltime


Is an isophthalic polyester resin designed for use in hot climates. Use in high performance applications such as pipes, tanks and ducting. Versatile resin suitable for use in filament winding, pultrusion, centrifugal moulding or contact moulding processes.

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Crystic Glosscoat

High Gloss Polyester Coating for Moulds/Patterns


Is a polyester coating designed to be applied over prepared Crystic Primecoat to give a glossier and more durable surface. The material hardens rapidly and can be easily sanded to a smooth surface which can be polished to high gloss.

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Crystic PrimeCoat

Rapid pattern surfacing Iso/NPG Coating


Is a high build, polyester coating material which allows the rapid surfacing of patterns constructed from wood, MDF, GRP etc. It can be applied wet-on-wet up to a thickness of 1.5mm in one operation without sagging or draining from vertical surfaces.

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