Scott Bader Adhesives

Crestabond Structural Adhesive



Is a toughened, two component 10:1 MMA structural adhesive which is designed for bonding a wide range of substrates including metals, plastics and composite materials in industrial applications. This adhesive demonstrates excellent impact, peel, shear, compressive strength and fatigue resistance properties across all bonded parts. Crestabond is a primer-less MMA adhesive, requiring minimal surface preparation helping to reduce overall production costs and increase productivity.

Crestabond M1-05


Crestabond M1-05 has a working time of between 4 and 7 minutes.

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Crestabond M1-20


Crestabond M1-20 has a working time of between 14 and 22 minutes.

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Crestabond M7-15


Crestabond M7-15 has a working time of between 10 and 20 minutes.

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Crestabond M1-04


Crestabond M1-04 has a working time of between 3 and 5 minutes.

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CRYSTIC Crestomer

Crystic Crestomer is a urethane acrylate adhesive range used in a wide range of demanding applications globally as well as large marine structures. These structural adhesives bond to many substrates, are tough, resilient and flexible.

Crestomer 1152PA

High Elongation UA structural adhesive – 50 min working time

Crestomer 1152PA is a high performance structural adhesive which has been designed for demanding applications. It creates tough bonds with greater movement and allows for significant time, cost and weight savings to be made. This product has reduced styrene emissions.

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Crestomer 1186PA

Multi-purpose UA structural adhesive – 50 min working time

Crestomer 1186PA is a multi purpose structural adhesive with exceptional adhesion to a wide range of metals, ceramics and polymeric materials. This product is pre-accelerated and maintains a high strength structural bond even when used as a gap filler with non-slumping and low odour properties.    Read more

Crestomer 1196PA

Core Bonding UA structural adhesive – 50 min working time

Crestomer 1196PA is a low density, high performance structural core adhesive with good gap filling properties for use in sandwich construction.  Compared to other core bonding methods, Crestomer 1196PA has reduced print through, reduced weight and outstanding adhesion.

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