NEWTECH Repairer - Good As Liquid Steel!

NEWTECH® REPAIRER is a polyester-based glass-fibre paste and hardener. The paste and hardener are supplied separately, and once mixed it becomes a user-friendly filler which is ideal to repair damaged alloy, metal, masonry, stone, aluminium and fibreglass parts real fast. It also contains rust inhibitor, aluminium and fibreglass strands which provide excellent bridging properties and reduce sagging for covering those large holes. No need to weld-in patches.The cured colour is a dark grey.


NEWTECH® REPAIRER moulds like putty and can set hard within minutes. NEWTECH® REPAIRER can be used inside or outside and can be painted within the hour.


NEWTECH® REPAIRER goes through curing stages and can be wiped off, spread by putty knife, shaped and cut while it cures, and it will result in a hard sandable surface when completely cured. Then it can be painted. Once hardened, you can file, sand, saw, drill, machine, tap, paint, nail and screw into it! Ideal for repairing rust.


NEWTECH® REPAIRER is economical and strong when filling large holes in metal sheets and masonry. Typical examples are vehicle crash repair work, rusted industrial bonnets, repairing holes due to rust in metal piping, cracks and holes in concrete steps. One can vary the ratio of putty to hardener and speed up or slow down how fast the putty cures, to suit the job.


Note: “Not recommended for continuous use at elevated temperatures”.


Newtech mixing direction   Directions to mix Newtech Repairer with Red Hardener.

SDS Newtech Repairer   SDS Newtech Repairer

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-purpose mender
  • Repair metal with metal
  • Can be mixed to set fast or slow
  • Premium panelbeaters filler
  • Paintable with any paint
  • Water resistant
  • Stress resistant
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Great for large fills – no slump
  • Interior & exterior use
  • Easy to mix, easy to use
  • Ready in minutes
  • Sand it, saw it, nail it, file it, drill it

Don’t replace those expensive metal parts, repair them with NEWTECH REPAIRER!

NEWTECH REPAIRER has been successfully used by professional builders and DIY home owners since 1995!

NEWTECH® REPAIRER is available in various sizes to choose from