At Synthepol we offer a wide range of reinforcements. We guarantee to supply you with quality products and quality service. We take pride in supplying you with the right products on time and to specification. Your business is very important to us and we take every care to ensure that you are able to operate efficiently and profitably


  • Reinforcement

    Gun Roving

    Chopper gun roving in cheese & pallets at competitive rates.

  • Reinforcement


    Available in 300 gm M2 , 450 Gm M2 , 600 Gm M2 in powder bound and emulsion bound.

  • Reinforcement

    Woven Roving

    Quality WR in 600gm M2 , and 800 gm M2.

  • Reinforcement

    Stitched & Knitted

    We have a full range available of double bias, Bi axial, tri axial, and quad axial, all in E glass and some with CSM backing.

  • Reinforcement

    Boat Cloth

    A Woven cloth in 200 gm M2, and 300 gm M2 for sheathing with epoxy resin , or polyester resin, or as part of a GRP laminate.