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AutoChem Blast Off 4l


Car, Boat & Bike Wash 


Blast Off is a specially formulated car wash for use with a household water blaster. It provides many advantages over the traditional, scratchy, bucket-and-brush method.The detergents neutralise and un-bond dirt and grease, so that it will flush away in the water jet. Contains water softeners and an antistatic agent to prevent dirt re-deposition. Deposits a sheeting agent/rinse aid on the paint to minimise water spotting after blast-rinsing as well as a protective gloss-enhancer and paint protectant. Helps prevent rust and corrosion in joins and crevices. (read more)

screen clean 4l


Double Strength


Screen Clean has been formulated to remove even the toughest bug residue. Clears streaks of filth, traffic film, bugs and dirt – instantly. Safe on glass, rubber, paint and plastic. Ideal to dilute and place in window washer bottle reservoir for continued use in trucks, cars, buses, agricultural – and industrial equipment. AutoChem Screen Clean penetrates biological deposits to break down and emulsify them so they are easily removed from the windshield by the washer fluid and wipers. (read more)

wash&wax 4l




Wash n’ Wax contains synthetic waxes and natural Carnauba wax (the hardest wax known) in a “High Bead” Shampoo, thus providing a protective, gloss-enhancing coat. Plus, it provides lubrication to prevent scratching when hand washing your car, by floating off abrasive particles in a synthetic lubricant layer. Waxes & Shines as it shampoos and cleans. Clean without scrubbing. Leaves a wax shine when rinsed. Free rinsing, no streaking when used as directed. Safe on all surfaces. Helps prevent rust and corrosion in joins and crevices. (read more)

quick shine 4l


Detailing Spray & Erazer Lubricant


Quick Shine – a professional grade detailing spray for stand-alone use, or with our erazer™ CLAY-BAR.

AUTO-CHEM Quick Shine provides a ‘high bead’ wet look gloss quickly and easily without hard rubbing. It is excellent for removing light dust, fingerprints, water spots etc.. Water based – safe on all paint, plastic and trim. Anti static, anti streak and anti UV. (read more)



Gentle Grade Of Clay Bar


Erazer CLAY-BAR is a gentler grade of Clay Bar. When used in conjunction with AUTO-CHEM Quick Shine it is safe for the home user, who aims to remove bonded on pollution and grit rather than excess paint overspray and orange peel. (read more)

Autochem Ultrafibre Towels


Waffle and Terry Weave


Ultra Microfibre Towels represent the latest technology in automotive drying products and are especially woven and treated to avoid scratches (soft, absorbent, deep-piled, with tiny high-density filaments).

AUTO-CHEM Ultra Microfibre Towel will further enhance cleaning by breaking up the electrostatic forces which hold stubborn dirt to the paint work.   (read more)


Pressure Wash Concentrate


Truck &  Trailer Wash is a highly concentrated, environmentally safe cleaner engineered to lift oil, grease and road film from surfaces to be rinsed away with water. This sudsing formula is designed to increase dwell time and prevent redepositing. AUTO-CHEM Truck & Trailer Wash can be used on most surfaces including stainless steel, chrome plate, canopies, vinyl curtains, plastics, rubber, fibreglass, alloys and automotive wax finishes. This product is designed for use in a pressure washer or as a bucket and brush cleaner.