The Synthepol parent company has been manufacturing synthetic polymers for the fibreglass industry since 1981. Our three fully qualified chemists have been in the polyester and associated industries all their lives and have some 70 years experience between them. Our sales engineer Brett Scholes has been in the polyester and marine industries most of his life and has a wealth of technical and hands on experience to draw on.

Synthepol- Gelcoats

  • Synthepol P818 CI

    Grey Polyester Sanding Gelcoat

    A general purpose gelcoat for the surface of fibreglass mouldings which are to have a paint surface applied after assembly.

  • Synthepol P816

    ISO/NPG Gelcoats

    Suitable for use on achitectural panels, boats and other marine uses such pontoons or bouys, recreational vehicles and general mouldings.

  • Synthepol P812

    ISO/NPG Gelcoats

    Suitable for use in transport, building and general mouldings.