Crystic Crestabond - Structural Adhesives

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Crystic Crestabond – Scott Bader has invested significantly in recent years to successfully develop Crestabond; a range of market leading primer-less structural adhesives. They have been designed for bonding a wide range of dissimilar substrates including metals and plastics as well as composite materials for industrial applications.


Crystic Crestabond is a patented methylmethacrylate adhesive with excellent adhesive properties being successfully used by many UK and global manufacturing companies operating in the marine, wind energy, building and construction, land transportation and vehicles industries.


Crystic Crestabond is a toughened, two component 10:1 MMA and 1:1 MMA structural adhesive which is designed for bonding a wide range of substrates including metals, plastics and composite materials in industrial applications. This adhesive demonstrates excellent impact, peel, shear, compressive strength and fatigue resistance properties across all bonded parts especially with galvanised metals. Crestabond is a primer-less MMA adhesive, requiring minimal surface preparation helping to reduce overall production costs and increase productivity.

Market Applications

    • Marine – from kayaks to super yachts
    • Land transportation – buses, coaches, trains and trucks
    • Building & construction – doors, windows and cladding
    • Wind energy – blades, housing and nacelles
    • Recreational vehicles – motorhomes and caravans
    • Agricultural vehicles – tractors, diggers and combine harvesters


Crystic Crestabond features & Customer benefits

  • Primer-less adhesives – dramatically enhances production efficiency reduces consumable costs
  • Minimal surface preparation – reduces dust emissions and preparation time
  • Excellent fatigue and impact resistance – Confidence in the longevity of the finished product
  • Range of working and fixture times –  Optimise production cycles to reduce manufacturing costs
  • Good gap filling capability – Adhesive can be used in multiple applications

Crystic Crestabond Dispensing Equipment

The Crestabond cartridges can be applied using a manual or pneumatic gun. Suitable manual and pneumatic guns plus static mixers, are available to purchase from Chemical Specialties Ltd.

The Crestabond – adhesive selection guide:

  • Product









  • Description

    Universal Bonder

    Universal Bonder

    Universal Bonder

    Universal Bonder

    Universal Bonder

    Universal Bonder

    Universal Bonder


  • Colour

    Grey or black

    Grey or black

    Grey or black


    Off white

    Off white

    Off white


  • Working time (mins)

    4- 7

    14 – 22

    25 – 35

    50 – 70

    80 – 100

    4 – 7

    10 – 20


  • Fixture time (mins)

    12 – 18

    25 – 35

    60 – 80

    150 – 180

    210 – 240

    18 – 22

    30 – 45